Snooki Calls 'Jersey Shore' Castmate Angelina 'Sad'

'She didn't really open up to anybody,' Snooki says of why her housemate never fit in.

Early on in season one of "Jersey Shore," feisty Angelina got axed from her job at the boardwalk T-shirt shop, tossed her belongings in some trash bags and fled Seaside Heights. None of her castmates expected the self-declared Kim Kardashian of Staten Island to return for the new, Miami Beach-based season, but Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the crew got a serious shock when they arrived and found out they'd once again be bunking with Angelina.

They were not pleased. "I just feel like she didn't fit into the family," Snooki told MTV News. "When I saw her in the house, when I walked into Miami, I was like, 'What is this girl doing here? Why are you here? We could have brought [Deena] in.' "

That would be Deena Nicole Cortese, a 23-year-old pal of Snooki's who joined the show after the cast left Miami and headed back up to the Shore. "I'm different because I'm just a personable person," Deena told us. "I don't take things to heart. People can make fun of me 'til the day I die, and I will just take it in and be like, 'Yeah, you know what? Whatever.' "

But when the show was taping down South, it was just Angelina facing off against her other roommates. And the results weren't pretty, as the first few episodes of the second season make clear. JWoww threatened multiple times to brawl with her, and Snooki declared, "You're a f---ing white rat and you're f---ing pale and you're nasty."

OK, then. The bottom line is that, after the drama of season one and some alleged off-camera smack talk, the relationship between Angelina and the rest of the "Shore" folks was nearly beyond repair.

"Angelina, she just didn't fit in with anybody, and she didn't really open up to anybody," Snooki said. "I feel that's why nobody could really connect with her. And it's sad. ... At first, we didn't even want to look at her or give her the time of day. But then we felt bad about it, and we gave her a second chance. And she did what she did with it. You're going to have to see what happens."

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