Joe Jonas Says He's 'Working On Lots Of Music'

'I've heard it,' brother Nick says of Joe's solo material. 'It's awesome.'

While his brother Nick released a solo album earlier this year under his side project Nick Jonas and the Administration, Joe Jonas says he has no formal plans to go solo himself. But the middle Jonas, who made a cameo this week on TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland," admits he is working on some new music.

"I didn't say that," he laughed when MTV News asked about a solo LP. "I said I've been working on lots of music. I've been working [with] lots of musicians having a great time."

While he wouldn't get specific about what it is he's working on, or whom he's working on it with, Joe did add, "[I have] been writing with a lot of friends of mine and some artists here and there, and we'll see what comes out it."

So, in the event that he does release some independent work, will he borrow Nick's band name? "I leave the Administration stuff to Nick," he quipped.

Whatever he decides, it seems he's got the full support of his bros. "I've heard it. It's awesome," Nick said, before Kevin chimed in, "It's really good music."

With both Nick and Joe making strides to pursue their own endeavors apart from the band, we wondered, what has big brother Kevin been up to?

"I've just been really enjoying the first year of marriage," he explained. "So far, there's a couple things in the pipeline for me and, I don't know. There's a lot going on and I just want to explore every option."

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