Kevin Jonas Takes Fans Backstage At Jonas Brothers Tour

Oldest JoBro shows off the brothers' entertainment center, dressing rooms and chill spot.

[artist id="2088128"]Kevin Jonas and his brothers[/artist], Nick and Joe, are currently on tour with [artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] and their "Camp Rock 2" pals, and while life on the road can be difficult at times, the guys have managed to bring along some of the comforts of home.

When MTV News caught up with the brothers at their tour kickoff in Tinley Park, Illinois, we were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the guys' home away from home. First up was the entertainment center.

"We roll with this everywhere," explained Kevin, with wife Danielle by his side. "We first built this on the 'Hannah Montana' tour. We were there, and we wanted something to be able to watch TV and stuff, and so they built this road case. It's got gaming systems and everything."

Their dressing room has two closets: one shared by Nick and Joe, and one shared by Kevin and Danielle. "[This is] wardrobe. It's kind of intense," Kevin said of the two dressing areas. "Me and Dani, [ours] is over here. So we'll travel and these cases come with us, and it has all our clothes in it, which was really nice. It allows us to not have to lug big suitcases everywhere we go."

Their dressing room wouldn't be compete without a seating area that includes a very comfy, oversize couch, where Riley — Kevin and Danielle's dog — likes to hang out. "This is where we chill and we just relax and spread our wings," the oldest JoBro said. "This is our little friend, Riley. She's our little girl. She kind of runs the place. She's kind of become our mascot for our Road Dogs games. ... She gets the job done."

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