Jonas Brothers Give 'Camp Rock 2' Tourmates Tips For The Road

'They're all kind of newbies to touring,' Joe tells MTV News of doling out 'helpful hints.'

The Jonas Brothers are veterans of the road. They've been on countless tours in countless cities and logged numerous hours onstage. So when they launched their latest tour over the weekend with a Chicago stop, they were already prepared for the ups and downs of life away from home. But they weren't sure that the "Camp Rock 2" pals joining them were ready for the challenges, so the JoBros made sure to give them some useful advice.

"It's been a lot of fun," Joe Jonas told MTV News about making the trek with their tourmates. "We had a great time shooting the movie with these guys, so to kind of be backstage and there's a lot of people on this tour — everything from dancers to new bands to musicians to actors — you know, the actors that are musicians, it's cool for us to hang out with them."

While it may be all fun and games for the Jonases, the trio know that touring life may not come as easily to their pals.

"They're all kind of newbies to touring, and we've been doing this for quite a while now," Joe added. "So I think it's kind of like, we're giving them helpful hints here and there that we've learned over the past few years."

So what kind of sage advice does Joe and his brothers give?

"You know, make sure you drink tons of water before you go onstage," he advised. "Don't eat a big meal or you'll feel heavy onstage."

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