Kanye West Shows Off His Artwork In 2005 Video

Years before he collaborated with artist Marco Brambilla for his 'Power' clip, 'Ye shared some early drawings with Sway.

Throughout his career, Kanye West has displayed the soul of an artist, from his austere "Can't Tell Me Nothing" video to the just-released "moving portrait" for "Power."

Back in August 2005, the rapper spoke with MTV News about art and even showed Sway some of his early sketches. Among the collection was a colorful drinking glass, a slow-burning cigarette and a portrait of Emmett Till.

"I think I was always on some sarcastic, trying to get a rise out of people [vibe]," West explained. "I tried to get something that connects more than just the glass. So this is my take on glass."

The collection also included an anime-inspired self-portrait of the "Power" superstar and another image of a man in bed whose life had passed.

"This one was really hard to draw," he said of the latter. "It was a good experience the teacher gave us. We had to deal with perspective."

He admitted, however, the sketch — dated 1995 — was not very good. "Someone should have killed me for how bad it was," he said.

West said for his videos, artwork or graphic imaging he uses drawing "as a language."

Artist Marco Brambilla directed the "Power" clip, and the artist received 'Ye's translation loud and clear, both for the imagery and the rapper's forthcoming album.

"I instantly connected to the themes on the album," Brambilla told MTV News of West's yet-untitled next LP. "The whole idea of celebrity, the idea of power, the idea of sensuality in it, there's sexuality in it as well, and those were all kind of themes that I've explored in my work before. Once I heard the album, that was what clinched it, and I felt very much in tune with the message behind the music."

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