Justin Bieber Should 'Have Fun' With 3-D Movie, Jonas Brothers Say

'The camera work is really crazy,' Joe Jonas says. 'But I'm sure he'll handle it well.'

Next year, Justin Bieber fans will have the chance to see the singer's story retold on the big screen in a 3-D movie currently in the works. But Bieber won't be the first teen pop star to land in theaters in multiple dimensions.

He joins the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, both of whom have already had their live performances delivered to fans in 3-D. And while a director still needs to be chosen for the flick, the JoBros had some advice for Bieber as he prepares to shoot.

"Have fun. It's a really fun experience," Joe told MTV News last week at their Road Dogs baseball game in Joliet, Illinois, just before the brothers kicked off their tour. "The camera work is all really crazy, but I'm sure he'll handle it all really well."

Since they had so much fun the first time around, does that mean there could be a sequel to the "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience"?

"Maybe," Joe said. "For right now, I think we're just going to be streaming live throughout the summer. We want people to come see the show, but right now we're just really focused on this live show. That's where we're at right now, and we're just getting ready for the first opening night tomorrow night," he told us last Friday.

If the guys ever do decide to make another concert flick, their current tour would be the perfect draw. The JoBros just hit the road for a lengthy tour that features not only pal Demi Lovato, but also a number of their "Camp Rock 2" pals. Plus, there'll be lots of Jonas music.

"We are doing a Jonas Brothers set, and it's actually a lot," Kevin said about the tour, which kicked off in Chicago on Saturday. Kevin teased that fans will be treated to some oldies but goodies.

"We're playing a lot of Jonas Brothers songs, and we're integrating 'Camp Rock' and 'JONAS L.A.' songs [and] songs from our past. We're really excited."

Which songs do you hope the JoBros will include in their set list? Tell us in the comments!