Lloyd Banks Recruits Tony Yayo, Lloyd For 'Any Girl' Video

The G-Unit MC says his latest video is inspired by the '90s flick 'How to Be a Player.'

Lloyd Banks is taking it back to the jiggy era for his latest video.

The G-Unit MC told MTV News that his newest clip, "Any Girl," is inspired by the '90s comedy "How to Be a Player." In the movie, a slick womanizer — played by former MTV VJ Bill Bellamy — juggles his many conquests. "Any Girl" shows Banks trying not to get caught in his web of women.

"I'm running through my day-to-day going to see a few of my girls. I got a white girl, I got [a] Spanish girl, a black girl and I'm going to basically lie to them and tell them how much I love them and how much I want to see them," Banks explained.

However, after spending time maneuvering through his ladies, the MC has to eventually face the music. "The girl who's playing my sister, she's actually setting me up and she has these same girls coming to see me at the party."

Fellow G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo makes a cameo in the video. He said that even though the visuals are inspired by a film, Banks has plenty of personal experience to pull from.

"Banks is ... a player for real," said Yayo. "It's really his real life story."

Banks isn't the only ladies man in the video; singer Lloyd also pops up in the clip. The MC broke down how the collaboration came together and said Lloyd wasted no time putting his soulful touch on the track.

"He ... flew into New York [and] knocked out the record in like 15, 20 minutes," Banks revealed. The G-Unit rapper said the pair shared a similar hunger to make a memorable collabo. "His work ethic is incredible. He was actually independent at the time so ... it was no restraints. It was like, 'Let's go!' "

Lloyd's studio grind may have impressed musical peers such as Banks, but the crooner maintained that he puts in the work for the fans.

"It's about making the best music for people to listen to," the singer said. "It's about entertaining the consumers and ultimately, for me, it's about connecting."

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