Kanye West Reveals Album, Single Details During Live Chat

Yet-untitled LP is coming 'sometime in November,' and next single will be 'Lost in the World' or 'All of the Lights.'

A mere 140 characters can't contain [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]. The Twitter newcomer took to another digital medium Friday afternoon (August 6) when he broadcast his first Ustream session from Korea, during which he spoke from a hotel balcony as the sun rose behind him.

"I'm bout to get on to answer questions and chip away at my mystique one humanizing question at a time," he tweeted before going live.

West was particularly open during the 25-minute chat, revealing tentative dates for the release of his forthcoming album ("sometime in November," he said) and the follow-up single to "Power" (either "Lost in the World" or "All of the Lights," which he said could arrive in 20 days).

The Chicago MC was killing time until he had to depart for the airport. He was upbeat throughout the chat and displayed his wacky humor, especially when he alerted his viewers that his outfit was the same one he wore in his "Flashing Lights" clip.

He also touched on his latest video, the brief 90-second clip for "Power." West said his initial plans were to create a 30- to 40-minute mini-film. But once the song leaked, he had to move fast on a new treatment.

"We vibed out in my house, and I had all these references of Renaissance paintings," he told his followers. "I always wanted to re-create the Sistine Chapel. This is not the full re-creation [though]. I still might want to do that."

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