Cam'ron Says Reunited Diplomats Have 'Eight, Nine Songs Done'

But they're all focusing on their own projects as well, including Cam's Gunz and Butta with Vado.

While Cam'ron says the [artist id="1232931"]Diplomats[/artist] haven't yet found a label home for their reunion album, they're still working together and have almost 10 new songs in the can.

"It's a few people that's been getting at us, but the money's not really where we want it to be," Killa Cam told MTV News about label negotiations. "So we'd rather distribute it ourselves until somebody comes with the right amount of money. Jim is using the 'Salute' record as his single, so we'll build off of that. But basically, with the Diplomat thing, everybody is gonna do it, but we got obligations."

Cam'ron was also quick to point out that everyone is on speaking terms, but they all have records they're working on outside of the Dipset project as well.

"Jim got his album he definitely gotta turn in," he said. "[Me and Vado] got this Gunz and Butta thing. Juelz is putting his album together. Nobody wants to stop where they already have contracts and obligations, but we working too. We got eight, nine songs done."

Cam, Juelz, Freekey Zekey and Jim Jones recently released the song "Salute." Cam said Jones spearheaded their first song together in years.

"Jim's got a good work ethic too. His work ethic is crazy," Cam explained. "He's in the studio all the time. I'm in the studio. The producer AraabMuzik is signed to DukeDaGod. Araab went and took Jim some beats. I already had the beat [for 'Salute']. Jim said, 'Let's do something to this.' We got it done.

"It wasn't no big story behind it," Cam added. "He sent me the record, I did it. He went to Juelz's studio, I knocked it out. Jim comes by my crib where the studio at. We sit down for two, three hours, and we go in the basement and knock the songs out. I'm not gonna sit here and act like some spaceship landed or a boat docked. Jim comes by the house, we go in the basement, we smoke, do the song, that's it. We go back in another two, three days and do the same thing."

While there's no concrete date for the Diplomats album, Killa says his and Vado's LP Gunz and Butta should be out around September 28, with a mixtape from the two dropping first. On the album's cover, you see Cam and Vado dressed in suits, standing in a boardroom with the New York skyline behind them.

"At the end of the day, we just hanging on the block, so you see we dressed like whatever," Cam said of the Gunz and Butta cover. "When it's time to get corporate, we'll throw on that suit and tie and go to the penthouse, have a roundtable meeting. We know how to balance the beam. We know how to get street, but we know how to get cleaned up also. That's why we named the album Gunz and Butta, just to let you know: We know our balance."

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