T.I.'s 'Takers' Character 'A More Interesting, Challenged Villain'

Tip talks about his 'complex character' in film, due August 27.

[artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] is treacherous. He's cold, he's calculating and he's out for millions. As the character Ghost in the upcoming film "Takers," the beloved King of the South is all of the above, but he also sneaks in a few hysterical one-liners. It's these multifaceted aspects that lured him to his role in the film.

"I wanted to play a more interesting, challenged villain," Tip said. "I think Ghost, in the end, is the villain, but initially he's the guy you feel sorry for. Like, 'Why you doing Ghost like that?' He got shot, he went and did time. Now they don't want to do his job. Why not? Later you find out why. He's a bit of a complex character."

In "Takers," T.I. plays one in a crew of bank robbers along with Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown. Ghost was shot and captured during one of the collective's heists years ago. Fresh out of the pen, Ghost has the info for a mother lode multimillion-dollar job. The catch is, the group just pulled off a robbery and they like to take at least a year off between jobs. Ghost's plan is to rob an armored car, but they only have a few days to plan and pull it off.

At the film's Hollywood premiere on Wednesday, Tip said he didn't get an opportunity to take part in many of the movie's stunts.

"To be candid, they wasn't allowing me to do many stunts myself due to the circumstance of my personal [troubles]," he said. "I witnessed a lot of them: the explosions, the shoot-outs, the chase scene with Chris. They're outstanding.

"We worked hard," he added. "I think all of this is just a result of the hard work that was put into the project. Everybody gave 150 percent. Nobody laid back, nobody took off — everybody went hard. This is the result of that."