Justin Bieber Lines Up 'U Smile' As New Single

Motown-style number from My World 2.0 was initially slated for March release.

Justin Bieber is about to give his legion of devoted fans another reason to smile. The pop star says that the third single from his My World 2.0 will be the breezy "U Smile," a song that was originally slated for release earlier this year.

"It's OFFICIAL- 'U SMILE' is gonna be the New Single!! The song is dedicated to the fans so this one is for all of u!! Radio here we come!!" Bieber tweeted on Friday afternoon (August 6).

"U Smile," which has a retro Motown vibe, features the singer expressing his devotion to his sweetheart. " 'Cause my cards are on the table/ And I'm willing and I'm able/ But I fold to your wish/ Cause it's my command," he croons during the song's bridge.

The midtempo number was originally supposed to be released back in March but for some reason was held back by the release of the dance cut "Somebody to Love." Bieber had already started promotion for the song, even treating national television audiences to live performances of the track on "American Idol" and "Saturday Night Live."

But if history repeats itself, there's a strong possibility that "U Smile" will earn the 16-year-old yet another hit. When the song was first digitally released on iTunes this past spring, it moved quickly up the chart.

The singer took to Twitter at the time to thank fans for the speedy accomplishment: "wrote this song for u guys, and now u are all helping it climb the TOP TEN of ITUNES... U SMILE is #10 already! thank u so much. Lets go #1!" he tweeted.

The Biebster spoke to MTV News in March about working on the track alongside songwriters Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino and Dan August Rig. "I worked with August. I got him. He's a really good writer," the singer said of his collaborator. "The song is amazing. We really love the song, so we decided to cut it. It's really amazing."

What do you think, Bieber fans? Do you like "U Smile" for his next single? Tell us in the comments!