Bun B Rocks With Live Band At Houston's House of Blues

The Trill O.G.'s hometown album release party set included UGK classics and a Pimp C tribute.

HOUSTON — The Trill [artist id="3174235"]Bun B[/artist] put on a memorable show for his fellow Houstonians on the heels of the release of arguably his best album to date, Trill O.G. Bun's official album party on Wednesday was at the House of Blues and the room was packed.

The Texas MC opened up the show with the classic UGK track "Pourin' Up," sending the crowd — reciting the track word-for-word — into a frenzy. "Smoking out, pourin' up/ Keeping lean up in my cup, call my cars got leather and wood/ In my 'hood, we call it buck," Bun rapped.

The Underground King then reintroduced himself to Houston saying, "What's up Houston? My name is Bun B, I'm from Port Arthur, Texas, and my only n----s is UGK, and it's UGK for life!"

Next up, Bun showed a different side of his stage show, performing with a live band the on the song "Trillionaires" and then for the duration of the night. "I feel like the Rolling Stones with this band," Bun laughed. "I feel like a rock star."

The Port Arthur rapper then went deeper into the UGK vault, performing songs like "Pocket Full of Stones," (Jay-Z's) "Big Pimpin' " and "Front, Back & Side to Side," all of which led to an emotional point in Bun's set.

"I feel like Pimp is in the building, man," Bun said, referring to his fallen UGK partner Pimp C. "Y'all just don't know, I really miss my brother. I love my brother."

Shortly after paying tribute to Pimp C, Bun performed a snippet of the classic "One Day." He followed that up with another touching tribute to some of rap's dearly missed figures, including Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G. and Houston legends Big Moe, DJ Screw and Big Hawk.

Bun then shifted the mood with a choir-style sound, commanding the audience to recite after him. "Now the South is in the house and they can't do nothing about it," Bun said, rapping the popular hook from "Draped Up," the first single from his 2005 album Trill. Bun wrapped the show with "Trillionaire," off his Trill O.G., captivating the entire venue.

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