Kanye West's Artsy 'Power' Video Gets Raves From Fans

'Ye is a visionary. Always pushing the boundaries. Great Video,' said one MTV News commenter.

It was a big night for music videos on Thursday as MTV debuted Eminem and Rihanna's cinematic "Love the Way You Lie" clip and Kanye West's portrait (as he has referred to it), "Power." Despite Yeezy's clip lasting a mere one minute and 43 seconds, fans all over the Internet are gushing about the video's artistic angle. The clip finds the rapper in the midst of a still image that slowly pans out to reveal a portrait of religion, sex and ... you guessed it ... power.

"I have watched it like 5 times and still want to see more. It's awesome and epic," said MTV News reader Justin. Justin explained that any viewer's inability to react to the clip is evidence enough that "Power" is true art. "The reason some of you don't know what to say proves it's art. The world isn't as simple as simple minded people...lol," he explained.

Many complimented West for bringing creativity back to music videos. "Mr. West brought the Art back to Music Video's. Man I could watch [sh--] like this all day.... Even with commercials...," Charles commented.

It wasn't just our comments section that was flooded with feedback either. The rapper's official website has been loaded with praise for the Marco Brambilla-directed clip. "Ye is a visionary. Always pushing the boundaries. Great Video. Respect you Yeezy and love everything you do man. Can't wait to buy the album," said Swayne.

Another even joked that New York City's Museum of Modern Art should change their address because of the video. "NYC MoMA should change their address to 11 Kanye West 53 Street New York, NY 10019. I expect a full exhibition there at some point, 'Ye! Keep doing what your doing. You bless us all [with] your talent. Love from Norway," said fan MR MIKE.

But not all were pleased with the clip's short duration. "Ok...now let's talk about the 'Power' video/portrait. I dig the creativity and stunning art but all that hype for 2 mins? Come on, Kanye!" said tweeter @JessNoel.

Another tweeter, @AbsolutGrammy, had an interesting argument, saying, "Yall missing the point of the video 'no one man should have all that power' Kanye had the world tune in to MTV to catch 45 seconds of POWER!"

Do you agree with any of the opinions given above? Do you consider Kanye West a visionary after watching "Power"? Tell us what you think in the comments!