'Jersey Shore' Fans In Miami Weigh In On Change Of Scenery

'They bring a little life to Miami,' one fan tells MTV News.

After bar-brawling, club-hopping and GTL-ing their way to pop-culture stardom, the "Jersey Shore" kids had to take things to the next level in season two.

So the crew upped the ante by taking the drama to another shore. In the second season of the MTV reality hit, which kicked off last week, the gang fist-pumps its way through Miami, and for the most part, South Beach fans have been enjoying the party.

"I love 'Jersey Shore.' It's ... crazy," Francisco Santander told MTV News.

Denise Mata concurred: "[There is] always drama there, and it's fun to watch [the] fights and them getting drunk, and it's just funny to me."

The "Shore" crew has partied its way into fans' hearts but has also weathered criticism that the super-tanned, party-startin' housemates — who proudly champion the term "guidos" — reinforce Italian stereotypes. David Gliottone enjoys the craziness but has issues with their image.

"I like the fact that they're Italian," Gliottone said. " I don't like the way that they act sometimes, [because] I think it kind of brings a negative vibe to the Italian community."

Nora Weinberg said she thinks the "Shore" stars should keep the drama up north, but added that it's cool they're branching out beyond the boardwalk. "I think they should be in Jersey, but I think it's fun that they can go to Miami," she said.

George Ott said the crew's antics have reached beyond the shores of both Jersey and Miami to score fans Down Under. "[I'm a] huge fan of the show in New Zealand," Ott said. "[I] love the boys [and] JWoww."

As entertaining as fans find the cast's beachside escapades, one viewer said the "Jersey Shore" crew may have brought too much heat to Miami.

"I think the 'Jersey Shore' cast is really crazy and outgoing and they bring a little life to Miami," Cassandra said. "But they need to stick to Jersey because they're not supposed to be here doing that stuff. You don't see that here in Miami."

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