Trey Songz Says 'Bottoms Up' Is 'Heightened' By 'Funhouse' Video

Nicki Minaj 'comes in and she kills it,' singer says about guest MC.

Trey Songz's latest track, "Bottoms Up," may be about knocking back some drinks at the bar, but the singer said the accompanying video is anything but the typical bottle-popping scene. Instead of taking inspiration solely from the song's party-startin' lyrics, Songz said that he's stepping out of the box when it comes to the track's visuals.

" 'Bottoms Up,' I feel, is a very creative video. [It's] different from the norm, different than what I feel is expected of me and anything I've shot for that matter," he told MTV News on the set of the video. "[Director] Anthony [Mandler] used a lot of different shooting techniques and I think it heightens whatever it is that the song has already. The drive, the vigor, the club anthem, the energy in the record is definitely heightened with this video."

Songz broke down the concept of the upcoming "Bottoms Up" video — the first single from Passion, Pain & Pleasure — which, despite the song's club-friendly appeal, resembles a surreal circus versus a crowded bar.

"It's as if I'm walking through some kind of funhouse, filled with women and different seductive things," Songz said. The crooner added that Mandler works some visual magic to get the carnival-esque theme just right. "There's a two-way mirror that's a dope effect that he uses. And the lighting shows, and then you see women and then you don't and then you see them and then you don't."

"Bottoms Up" MC Nicki Minaj also added some dimension to the track in the form of her rapid-fire verse, and Songz said she brought the same high energy from the studio to the screen.

"Nicki Minaj does an excellent job. She comes in and does exactly what I got her on the record for. She comes in and she kills it," he gushed. "I wanted her to make the record different. I wanted her to take it to a different place and that's exactly what she did. Even in the video, she made a major contribution ... from her hair to her outfits to the way she raps and how theatrical she is in her delivery."

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