Chace Crawford Says Gritty 'Twelve' Role Is A 'Departure'

'It's good to kind of do something different,' the 'Gossip Girl' star says of playing a drug dealer.

The movie [movie id="444470"]"Twelve"[/movie] and the CW's "Gossip Girl" have a lot in common. They both take place in New York City. Both are about rich kids doing bad things. And Chace Crawford happens to star in them. Crawford, however, is quick to point out that he has little in common with neither drug dealer White Mike nor playboy Nate.

"Neither, I guess. I'm from Texas, it's a different story," he laughed to MTV news at the "Twelve" premiere last week about comparisons with his characters.

"I had to learn the cadence of the city and the way they operate things," Crawford explained. "Nate's not up to much [next season], I guess there's several other girls coming along, but ... it's good to kind of do something different and switch up and have a nice dichotomy," he added about his role in "Twelve."

While the gritty drama, in theaters now, offered him the chance to portray an edgier side, Crawford admitted that the shooting location also proved ideal, as did the chance to work with director Joel Schumacher.

"I wanted to work with Joel, first of all," he said. "We had a big long meeting about it and it was of high interest for me to work with him. And it was good; it was a good departure from 'Gossip Girl.' It worked out well because I'm in the city."

Plus, Crawford also got to act alongside rapper 50 Cent.

"I thought he might have some sort of persona he was trying to project, but he's easygoing," Crawford said of his co-star. "He's not trying to create some character. He wants to be a serious actor. I respect it. He was getting his tattoos lasered off while we were shooting and we had some good talks. I mean, he's cool. He lives in Connecticut and he's a super nice guy. Very intellectual."

What do you think of Chace playing a drug dealer in his new movie? Is it a good chance to stretch his acting chops? Tell us in the comments!

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