Jennifer Lopez Would Make A Good 'Idol' Judge, Neil Patrick Harris Says

'I think she'd be a great fit,' 'How I Met Your Mother' star says.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler said he might be a judge on "American Idol" next season. Jennifer Lopez's name has also been thrown into the ring as a possible contender for seat filler when the show re-starts. And without confirmation or denial from anyone in the "Idol" camp, the possibilities for next season's new "American Idol" judge are endless.

So we asked "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris, who had the honor of guest judging on the show last season after Paula Abdul's departure, what he thinks. Who would be a good fit to replace Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell?

"Everyone's been asking about 'Idol,' " Harris told MTV News at rehearsals for "Rent," which he is directing, at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles. "I don't have any idea if a lot of it's supposition or if a lot of it's factual, but I've certainly worked with Jennifer Lopez [on 'How I Met Your Mother'] and she's great. I have nothing bad to say about her. She's nice, crazy talented, super-gorgeous, has things to say about people. [She has] good strong opinions so I think she'd be a great fit."

Many celebrities have been rumored as potential new "Idol" judges. But while Harris admits that while he had fun last season, he doesn't see himself behind the judges' table anytime soon. "I'm not allowed to do much for Fox because I'm on CBS, so I can't imagine that they'd want me to spend multiple nights a week on another network. But I sure had a great, good time being a guest judge," he explained. "That was really fun going to Dallas and watching those people come in, crushing their lives. It was awesome shouting at people, 'You're nothing!' and then laughing maniacally."

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