Ke$ha Throws A Desert Party In 'Take It Off' Video

Pop star's new music video finds her and her pals taking over an abandoned motel and living it up.

Glitter: Check. Dance-ready pals: Check. White fur jacket: Check. Desert setting: Check. Ke$ha has all the ingredients for a huge bash in place — and not only is she throwing a party, she's using that setting as the backdrop for the new clip for her single "Take It Off."

Arriving on the scene on her motorcycle and meeting up with her crew, Ke$ha — dressed in short shorts, a tank top and one bedazzled choker — manages to embrace her inner party animal and throw a neon-colored party at an abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere.

While the concept of "a lot of pretty people dancing at dusk" is pretty simple, the neon colors manage to amp up the video, as does the colored sand that's thrown around in the air and mixed with glitter. Ke$ha, who very liberally applies both the glitter and the sand to her body in the video, manages to be both sexy and fun while rolling around in the desert.

The video gets interesting towards the end, when Ke$ha magically has a zipper down the front of her body and pulls it down, allowing her to apparently strip herself down to the glitter and sand she was partying in.

"It's my favorite video, I think, ever, that I've done because I get to get really dirty in glitter [and] sand, and we all get naked because we're just, like, taking it all off," she told MTV News last month.

"It's also about taking off your inhibitions and being raw and real," Ke$ha continued. "And then we start tearing each other apart into pieces, and we're all made out of glittery magic dust ... stardust."