Ke$ha Says She May Go Country 'One Day'

'My mom wrote songs for Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton,' the Nashville-born pop singer reveals to MTV News.

Last month, Ke$ha made headlines (as she is wont to do these days) when she told Paper magazine that she was considering a move to country music, saying she was "really inspired" by the songs of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton.

On one hand, it did sort of make sense ... after all, Ke$ha is from Nashville, and her mom wrote songs for some of the greatest country singers of all time. But on the other, you know, it's Ke$ha. So, when MTV News caught up with her backstage at the Casio "Shock the World" party on Monday night, we decided to ask her about her future plans, and whether they included a countrified makeover.

"I do love country music ... [so] one day maybe, who knows. I don't think I'll stop singing until I'm dead," she said. "I'm from Nashville and my mom wrote songs for Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Merle Haggard and I just love old-school country music, especially. I relate to it. And I also really like how most country songs tell a story, there's a lot of storytelling and honesty involved, so I've taken a lot of my writing tips from country music ... I mean, I'm definitely not done being a rowdy f---ing crazy bitch, but when I'm done doing that, who knows?"

And, the way she sees it, the songs she wrote for her Animal album aren't really all that far from country to begin with. At least when it comes to the whole "honesty" part of things.

"The whole record is painfully, brutally honest," she said. "Like talking about my ex-boyfriend, how he cheated on me. Idiot."

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