'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation May Appear On 'Bones'

'Bones' show creator Hart Hanson says that 'talks are ongoing.'

It seems like life at the Jeffersonian may get a bit "Jersey Shore." "Bones" show creator Hart Hanson said that he is currently courting Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to appear in an upcoming episode of Fox's hit crime show.

"We're trying to get the Situation to play a murder victim," Hanson told EW.com about getting the reality star onboard. "A guido is killed and Booth and Brennan enter that world to find out what happens. We're not sure if it'll happen or not. Talks are ongoing."

The episode would center on fitness expert Ritchie "The V" Genero, played by the Situation, a man who is as famous for his abs as he is for his motto of "gym, tan, laundry." So, it would certainly be a fitting casting choice. The show is currently looking to cast an actress to play his mom for the episode, which is set to air in October.

David Boreanaz seems to be on board for the cameo, saying that "Bones [played by Emily Deschanel] actually understands them because she considers [guidos] a tribe." Deschanel jokingly added, "Brennan anthropologically studies them and knows the lingo and the behavior. [She's] down with the whole guido stuff. I guarantee that there will be a fist pump."

Before he heads to network TV, fans can check out the Situation as he beats dat beat through Miami during the show's second season, which kicked off last week. "You've seen season one, you know what happens there!" he said. "Season two is so much drama. There's so much more hookups, makeups, breakups, the whole nine, and you guys are definitely going to love season two. Sit back and relax! You guys can see how to party!"

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