'Step Up 3D' Cast Reveals Their Signature Dance Moves

'I'm learning how to do head spins right now,' 'Camp Rock' star Alyson Stoner says.

The cast of [movie id="452601"]"Step Up 3D"[/movie] hit the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday night to premiere the latest flick in the dance movie franchise.

When the movie opens on Friday, fans will get the chance to see some smooth moves on the big screen in 3-D. So when the actors and dancers featured in the film aren't dancing for the flick, what are their real-life go-to dance moves? They revealed all on the red carpet.

"A hallowback," Keith Stallworth explained to MTV News, describing it in a way that made it seem dangerous. "You're on your hands. You're upside down, and you have your chin tucked in your chest and you're pushing all the way through and bending your legs so they just are about to touch the ground."

Alyson Stoner, who will also appear in "Camp Rock 2" in September, admits that she is currently expanding her dancing repertoire. "I'm learning how to do head spins right now," she said of the classic break-dancing move also cited by dancer Simrin Player. "So maybe that's my favorite move of the moment."

Another one of the film's stars, Stephen Boss, went old-school with his pick. "It's the prep, the old-school prep, see the prep. ... That's my go-to move because you can do that anywhere," he said. "You can do that in the car, in the store. You can be like, 'What? That's on sale!

What?' It'd be good."

Dancer Jonathan Perez cited a complicated-sounding move as his go-to routine. "I do this thing called the leg a slide," he said. "I can't [do it] right now. I mean I could, but I'm gonna kick somebody and professionally I'm not supposed to kick anybody."

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