Lady Gaga's Remix DJs Discuss 'Pioneering' Influence

'She's pretty much changed the whole game,' Anders SG of Alphabeat tells MTV News.

Lady Gaga and some of her biggest hits are remixed and reloaded for her latest release, a remix album of her singles aptly titled The Remix, which came out Tuesday (August 3). For this project, a number of dance music's biggest names got the chance to work with Gaga's discography. (It hit the international market earlier this year.)

Songs on the new album were selected from Gaga's releases The Fame and The Fame Monster, and DJs and musicians like Passion Pit and Stuart Price put their stamp on the Gaga sound. Vincent Turner, a.k.a. Frankmusik, who remixed Gaga's "Eh Eh" for the U.S. and international versions of The Remix, says that Gaga has changed the landscape of pop and dance music for the better.

"You very rarely hear from Lady Gaga!" he joked when asked about the singer's reaction to his take on the song. "It's nice to see Lady Gaga pioneering what we all are, which is electronic music.

"Everything nowadays is involved with computers — everything — whether it sounds like it or not is electronic music," Frankmusik added. "She's doing what Annie Lennox was doing 15 years ago, but with her crazy style. That's what was missing. Whether you like her or hate her, you can't dismiss the fact that at least she's given herself an all-around brand like David Bowie did. That's the kind of thing she's doing. I respect that."

Anders SG of Danish group Alphabeat, who worked on a remix of "Telephone" for the international version of the album, admitted that Gaga is paving the way for smaller, underground dance acts to hit the mainstream.

"She's pretty much changed the whole game with her music and her videos and her style and all that," he explained. "It's like blown everybody's minds and it just got more and more crazy and more and more brilliant. It just kept going. I guess she pretty much changed all the rules of pop music. Pretty amazing, actually ... it makes way for new types of music to be played on the radio."

So what should pop artists do now?

"If I was Christina Aguilera, Britney and all those, they have to come up with something really, really great now," Anders said. "You can't just copy what she's doing. I guess all those big pop stars are gonna sit there and go, 'What do you do?' "

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