Bun B Considers Himself A 'Late Prodigy' With Trill OG Solo Album

'As a solo artist, I'm still kind of young in this game,' UGK legend tells Mixtape Daily.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Feature Presentation: Trill OG

Headliner: Bun B

Key Collaborations: "It's Been a Pleasure" and "Put It Down" (featuring Drake), "Right Now" (featuring Pimp C, Tupac Shakur and Trey Songz) and "Just Like That" (featuring Young Jeezy)

Essential Info: There's no need for deliberations — two songs into listening to this LP, it's clear Bun B hasn't let up on this third installment of his Trill series (Trill and II Trill were the first two). Bun delivers articulate and adamant verses with a host of great current MCs as well as some late legends; Pimp C and Tupac make surprising appearances on "Right Now." Bun's album ends with the Drake collaboration "It's Been a Pleasure," on which the Port Arthur Godfather reflects on his life and career. The UGK co-founder says fans shouldn't be confused by his introspection or the song's title, however. He's not signing off anytime soon.

"It was meant not just for the album, but really just looking back at life," Bun said. "Like, you never know how long you're gonna be here. I plan on being here for a long while, but I don't have a final say on that sh--. So with that being said, to sum up everything up to this point, we had some ups and some downs, we had some real rough times. But we're still here, and I don't think I would really change anything at this point, because it really has been a pleasure doing what I do and being out there with the people. I just wanna continue with it. I ain't done with it. But in case I don't get to say anything else beyond this point, I just wanna let the people know it's been a pleasure."

When asked what has been his most pleasurable career moment thus far, Bun said it's too early to answer.

"I don't know, because my solo career is still dawning," he explained. "I look at the [LL] Cool J's out there and the Hov's, and they got the 10-albums-and-running type of situation. And people like Short Dog, who I think is on album 20 by now. So as a solo artist, I'm still kind of young in this game, but I have made some major steps. So maybe we'll call me a late prodigy on the solo side. But we had some good moments.

"Trill was definitely a rough album but a fun album to put together," he continued. "II Trill was a little bit different circumstances, dealing with the death of Pimp C. I'm not really sure that I gave that album everything I could. I don't think I had everything to give to that album at the time. It was still a great album; we made great music. I mean, we could do that in our sleep. But I'm not trying to do it in my sleep. I'm trying to be eyes wide open, fully focused. And I think we came back and accomplished that on Trill OG."

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