Kristy Lee Cook: From 'American Idol' To 'Goin' Country' Hunting Show

Aspiring singer also works toward landing a record contract in new reality show.

You might remember Kristy Lee Cook as the red-blooded country gal who went for broke with Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" during the seventh season of "American Idol." So it's not exactly surprising that she's just returned with an equally red-blooded new hunting show called "Goin' Country."

The show — which premiered this weekend on the Versus network — follows Cook as she travels across the country blowing away animals, including deer, pheasant and turkey. Along the way, she also works toward landing a record contract (though not while hunting).

"I'm hoping that people will see the hunts as a chance to hang with family and friends and share an experience. It's so much fun in the outdoors, and when you harvest something for the meat, it really means much more than just going out to the grocery store and buying it," Cook told Fox News' Fox411 blog. "I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it. It's the food chain. Animals are here for us to eat. In my family, we grew up without a lot of money, so I take all this meat home and anything that's left we give to homeless shelters or orphanages so all the meat is going somewhere and I get to feed all these people."

According to Versus' website, the next episode of "Goin' Country" airs Sunday at 9 a.m. ET. And, as the show's official site promises, you can "Expect to be mesmerized. Laugh. Awed. Amazed! Watch and see what this young lady representing female Americana in a most favorable, professional, and possible lifestyle is capable of accomplishing."

So long as you're not a white-tailed deer or something.

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