Burnham Dish On Jonas Brothers Comparisons, Debut Single

Vermont trio of brothers calls their sibling predecessors the Jonas Brothers 'amazing.'

Few things are as perennial in pop music as groups made up of brothers who hope that their catchy tunes will catch the attention of teens around the world. [artist id="3708050"]Burnham[/artist], a trio of siblings from Vermont who specialize in hooky pop-rock, are following in a long line that includes the likes of Hanson and the Jonas Brothers. The comparisons between the three Burnhams — Alex, Andre and Forrest — and their brotherly predecessors are inevitable. But are they fair?

"I see ourselves in the way that we're all brothers, obviously. We get that comparison. The Jonas Brothers, of course, are really amazing," Andre Burnham told MTV News.

"A lot of our influences musically, we were always listening to classic music like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, all the kinds of classic stuff that our dad brought to the table cause he's old-school," Andre continued. "But we also love a lot of the contemporary artists like Coldplay, OneRepublic, Killers, [and] Kings of Leon."

In September, the guys will hit the road as one of the opening acts on pop sensation Justin Bieber's My World Tour. Until then the guys are hard at work on their debut album, which will have collaborations with the likes of OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder and Rihanna producer Brian Kennedy. "It's been really great," Forrest, the youngest, explained. "We've learned so much."

Their album is scheduled to come out in either late 2010 or early 2011. In the meantime, the guys have fans gushing over their debut single "Catch Me If You Can," which was produced by Tedder.

"It's really fun," Alex — the oldest Burnham — said of the song. "It's about your girlfriend [breaking up with] you and then all of a sudden she wants you back. And you're like, 'No, you just dumped me! I'm still mad at you. So, catch me if you can.' It's that kind of vibe and it's all fun and stuff, but it translates really well to a song."

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