Katy Perry Premieres 'Peacock' At MTV World Stage

Teenage Dream track is 'the world's biggest innuendo,' Perry tells MTV News.

During her Saturday night set on the MTV World Stage in Malaysia, [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] might have surrounded herself with sweets — cupcakes, lollipops, a giant banana split — but she was also in the mood to get a little tarty, too, debuting "Peacock," a bawdy little song from her upcoming Teenage Dream album that's all about, well, check out the last four letters of the song title.

"It's all right. It's just about a bird," Perry joked before launching into the tune, a go-going, call-and-response tune equally indebted to Toni Basil's 1982 hit "Mickey" and the wisdom of bathroom stalls everywhere.

"Come on baby, lemme see/ What you're hiding underneath," she sings at one point. "Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?/ Don't be a chicken, boy, stop acting like a beeyotch."

Apparently unsatisfied by what she's seen up to this point, Perry adds that she is looking for peacocks of the "jaw-droppin', eye-poppin', head-turnin', body-shockin' " variety.

Back in June, Perry told MTV News that she had added "Peacock" to her album (due August 24) at the last minute, after some rather inspired sessions with Swedish production team Stargate. And despite its late addition, the song has quickly become one of her favorites on Teenage Dream — mostly because of that entendre-riffic title.

"Halfway through the record, I was telling [Capitol Records], 'I've got a lot of jewels, but I don't really have that crown. I really don't have that full-blown presentation,' " she said. "So I wanted to go in with Stargate, and I finished off a couple of songs: one called 'Fireworks,' which is probably my favorite song off the record, something I'm most proud of, and then a song called 'Peacock,' which is like the world's biggest innuendo."

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