Donnis Says He's 'Always Late,' But MC Is Right On Time For The Game

The Fashionably Late Atlanta MC is finally popping off, in Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street King: Donnis

Holding It Down For: Atlanta

Mixtape: Fashionably Late

Real Spit: Fresh off the plane, Konnichiwasnitches and peace to all our loved ones. Mixtape Daily goes international this week as we bring you one of the original candidates for "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010": Donnis.

Donnis, an Atlanta native, went back to a place where he really got started with his career, Japan (Yes, we're stuntin' on you right now from foreign terrain: D spoke to us from the Tokyo shop Swagger.). He served overseas in Japan, but while in the land of the rising sun, started to build up his rap rep, performing shows.

Obviously, it worked out for him. He's on a strong come-up and recently put out his overdue but much-anticipated mixtape Fashionably Late.

"Fashionably Late because I been doing the music thing for quite some time," he explained of the title. "I have a lot of friends that made it before me and popped off a little bit before my career started to really blossom. Using that term, I'm a little late to the party that they're already at. So that's what gave me the idea to name my mixtape Fashionably Late. Along with the fact that I'm fashionable and always late."

Joints to Check For:

"Tonight." "It was produced by my homeboy T-Minus out of Toronto," Donnis explained. "It's a record I came up with. I was in L.A. for the 2010 Grammys. It was a lot of celebrities in the house. I wasn't nominated for anything. It was my first time going to L.A. for the Grammys and it was an amazing experience. That experience made me want to go rush to the studio and make a record. That's how the world gets this song, 'Tonight.' "

"Yup." "This was produced by my homeboy Needlez. It features a Rihanna sample from her record 'Hard' featuring Young Jeezy," The Atlanta native detailed. "We sampled 'yup, you know this.' I was in the studio, and we had the idea of making this record because we thought it was such a strong line in that song. ['Yup'] is such a braggadocious song. I'm stuntin' on all the other rappers in the game. Lettin' them know I'm here and I'm ready to be the best out here."

"Dream Chaser." "It's basically a record that I think everybody could relate to if you ever had a dream," Don rationalized. "It's a record that makes you want to get up, get out and do something. It came about by me wanting to be at a certain place in my career. It's a record I wrote down in Atlanta, thinking things can be better than they are right now."

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