Deadmau5 Collapses Onstage, Cancels Tour Dates

The dance music DJ is hospitalized after 'suffering exhaustion and vomiting.'

Dance music DJ [artist id="2539409"]deadmau5[/artist] has been forced to cancel several upcoming shows after the producer collapsed onstage during a performance on Friday (July 30).

A statement posted on deadmau5's website explained that the beatsmith, who regularly rocks events sporting a giant, tricked-out mouse head, suffered "exhaustion and vomiting" after performing at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. The DJ was rushed to the hospital and placed under medical supervision and the incident has caused the house music star to nix several live appearances.

"Deadmau5 is sad to advise his fans that on the strict advice of the doctors, he now has no choice but to cancel the next [nine] shows of his [summer] tour schedule to allow for his recovery," read the statement on his website.

Upcoming shows in Canada, Japan, Italy and Spain, among other dates, have been scrapped. However, according to his website, the DJ plans to reschedule the dates and "thanks all his fans for their understanding and support."

The Grammy-nominated producer has become a fixture in the international dance music scene, known for speaker-rattling tracks such as "Ghosts N Stuff" and "Strobe." Earlier this year, the DJ explained the origin of his singular name to MTV News as a headliner at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami.

"Long story short, a mouse went into my computer and died, and I found him in there when I was changing my video card," he said. After news of the incident lit up chat rooms and blogs, "everyone just started calling me 'that dead mouse guy' because of he story, and it just stuck. And the 5 was because I couldn't spell out D-E-A-D-M-O-U-S-E because it was too long to have as a name in the chat room, so I had to trim a character, so I was just like, whatever, and I put a 5 in there and it stuck."

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