'Green Lantern' At Comic-Con: Everything There Is To Know

MTV News has the scoop on the flick's new costumes and eye-popping footage, as well as Ryan Reynolds' 'Lantern' knowledge.

More than a week after Comic-Con kicked-off, the geek-fest has become a blur in our memories — a blur filled with sneak peeks at buzzworthy flicks and more celebs that you'll see in an entire season of Lakers basketball, but a blur nonetheless.

It's tough to keep track of it all, which is why we've decided to gather together all the content we've gathered about the Con's most drool-worthy flicks. We've already condensed our "Thor" reportage; now it's time for one an adaptation of one of DC Comics' most beloved superheroes. Read on for everything you need to know about "Green Lantern."

Ryan Reynolds Knows All

Comic-Con is filled with actors who wouldn't know Galactus if he created an inter-dimensional portal in the middle of Hall H. Not "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds. The guy knows the Lantern's iconic oath by heart and has memorized the names of other heroes like Tomar-Re, Kilowog and Bzzd. Much respect!

They've Updated Green Lantern's Look

Before the Con, we got a peek at Reynolds' costume, and it proved to be a bit divisive. Was this too much of an updated look? Perhaps, but both Campbell and Reynolds defended their choice.

"There has to be a little healthy debate about it," Reynolds

explained. "I mean, that's important. If it were just slanted one way or the other, I don't think it would be that satisfying. And truthfully, we've only seen a tiny glimpse of the suit, you know, we haven't seen it in motion. And we haven't seen the full suit as well."

The Footage Looks Amazing

DC debuted

the first "Lantern" footage in Hall H on Saturday (July 24), and the fans ate it up. We got Reynolds as fighter pilot Hal Jordan flying through the air and as his power ring-assisted alter-ego Green Lantern. We also got Peter Sarsgaard as the deformed villain Hector Hammond and a first look at Tomar-Re.

"The tone is light," explained director Martin Campbell. "It has a lot of humor, but I think the relationships between all the characters are very real. We try to keep the action very real. ... It's my first superhero movie — unless you count James Bond."

Blake Lively Is At Home In Space

"Gossip Girl" star Lively is leaving the gilded streets of the Upper East Side for the space setting of "Green Lantern." She plays

Reynolds' love interest, a business exec named Carol Ferris who eventually turns into a villain. The role wasn't actually her first choice when it came to superhero movies, as she revealed to MTV News.

"I didn't know about 'Green Lantern,' " she said. "That's what's so exciting about it. I was just saying, you know, to get to introduce it to a young generation is a cool thing."

But Lively has quickly learned all there is to know about Ferris — and Star Sapphire, the villain who, according to comics lore, Ferris eventually becomes. "Oh my gosh, I would love to," she

said when asked about playing Sapphire someday. "To get to beat [Reynolds] up? Best day ever!"