Chace Crawford Talks About Working With 50 Cent On 'Twelve'

'He's a bear. He's good. He's an interesting guy,' Crawford says of his co-star.

Chace Crawford and 50 Cent are teaming up. No, the "Gossip Girl" star isn't kickstarting his hip-hop career by collaborating with the rapper. Rather, the MC is continuing his Hollywood takeover in Crawford's latest film, the gritty New York drug drama "Twelve."

"Twelve," which also stars Kiefer Sutherland, Emma Roberts and Ellen Barkin, is based on Nick McDonell's 2002 debut novel. The book is about a high school dropout named White Mike (Crawford) who deals pot and an ecstasy-like upper called "Twelve" to Manhattan's young and rich. Mike avoids touching the stuff, preferring instead to observe his privileged customers. But his easy profits go sour when his dealer's cousin is brutally murdered and his best friend is arrested for the crime.

The characters played by 50 and Crawford bond over illegal activities in the flick, which opens August 6. But in real life, Crawford says, the pair bonded over their shared love of acting in between takes. "I got to work with him a bit," Crawford told MTV News at the premiere. "He's a bear. He's good. He's an interesting guy."

What surprised Crawford most about 50 — or, as he's known in Hollywood circles, Curtis Jackson — was his devotion to the acting game. "I thought he might have some sort of persona he was trying to project, but he's easygoing," Crawford said of his co-star.

"He's not trying to create some character. He wants to be a serious actor. I respect it. He was getting his tattoos lasered off while we were shooting and we had some good talks. I mean, he's cool. He lives in Connecticut and he's a super nice guy. Very intellectual."

Last May, 50 revealed that he had watched an episode or two of Crawford's TV show, and said that he really enjoyed the shooting "Twelve" in New York. "It's cool just to be in the presence of talented artists," said 50.

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