Celebrities React To Ellen DeGeneres' 'American Idol' Exit

'The show will be fine,' season nine winner Lee DeWyze tweeted.

Reaction to Ellen DeGeneres' announcement that she was departing "American Idol" was swift, with fans and bloggers eager to express their thoughts as soon as the news became public on Thursday (July 29). The talk show host's former "Idol" colleagues, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest, weighed in as well.

Other celebrities have also joined the conversation, voicing reactions and well wishes. "Idol" season-six third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle was shocked by the news. "I feel like I was tweeting this exact thing around this time last year," she tweeted. "DUDE!

Ellen?!?! DUDE!!!!!"

Doolittle later chimed in with her thoughts on rumored replacements Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. "Randy=my dawg, J.Lo=the best mentor on season 6, & Steven Tyler=my favorite band EVER! If these really are the AI judges, what do you think?" she tweeted to her followers, followed by her number one pick for the judges panel: "PS-I'm not saying these are my choices for judges. I just happen to love all of them. I'm kinda still holding out for Harry Connick, Jr. :-)"

Last season's champ,

target="_blank">Lee DeWyze, also took to Twitter to offer a few words on how DeGeneres' departure may affect the show. "The show will be fine," he tweeted in reply to a fan.

Fellow talk show host

target="_blank">Conan O'Brien weighed in as well. "Ellen has walked away from a television institution after one year, but I'm sure it's the right decision," O'Brien tweeted about the news, perhaps slyly referencing his own highly-publicized departure from "The Tonight Show" last year. "Now, back to my model rocketry," he wrote.

And finally,

target="_blank">Paris Hilton showed Perez Hilton some Twitter love with a support of his dogged personal campaign to join the judges' table.

"You would be Perfect on American Idol with your witty humor and music sense," she tweeted to Perez. "I'd definitely watch! Loves it!


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