Angelina Calls 'Jersey Shore' Season-Two Premiere 'Intense'

'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News that other cast members picked on her.

On Thursday night, Angelina made her big return to "Jersey Shore." And her return did not get a very warm response, especially from the ladies.

"I think that the show is pretty intense so far," she told MTV News at a viewing party at Fushimi Japanese Cuisine & Lounge, which is located in her native Staten Island, New York. "I think that the whole entire cast is picking on me so far on the show and you can see that if you're watching it. I think it's really upsetting and at the same time I think that I held my own."

After watching her heated confrontation with JWoww, Snooki and Sammi, Angelina — who left the first season of the show early — said that she felt like she got the chance to vent all her feelings. "I just basically said what I wanted to say to the three girls and they lashed back at me," she explained. "I don't think that's correct and I lashed back at them and I said what I wanted to say."

Despite being somewhat accepted by the guys on the show, Angelina still can't believe how much tension there is between herself and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" crew. "I think that what stuck out to me most about this episode is how the cast won't accept me and how the people won't accept me in the house," she said. "It's really upsetting because I came back with a clear head and I wanted to start over again with them and they wouldn't let me. It really is upsetting."

However, she does appreciate the fact that The Situation and the rest of the males in the house gave her a bit more of a chance than the ladies. "My favorite thing about the episode is me sleeping in the boys' room, me sharing a room with them, and even though they didn't really accept me at first I think they will warm up to it eventually," she said. "And I actually like the fact that I can be, like, cool with the guys."

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Be there!