'Jersey Shore' Fans Weigh In On Miami Move

Philadelphia viewers are divided on how Snooki, JWoww and company will fare in Florida.

PHILADELPHIA — On Thursday, at the Blockley in University City hundreds of college students converged to celebrate their two favorite things, drinking and the "Jersey Shore." Co-owner and manager Nick Mucyccka said he decided to host the season-two premiere party because, " 'Jersey Shore' is like a little dirty secret that everyone likes to keep. But whether you admit it or not, you like to watch it."

As excited as the fans were to see the new season, some patrons revealed to MTV News that they were a bit disappointed to see the fist-pumping action relocated away from the nearby beaches of the Garden State for the first part of the season.

"I'm not really that pumped up for Miami," Nico Miceli admitted. "You know the 'Jersey Shore' is all about the Jersey Shore. So I don't really like how they switched it, because it's a completely different scene. It's a different style of people."

Mucyccka was also skeptical about the move down South. "I think it's going to slack," he said. "You know, the Jersey Shore is something that can't be replicated. You know, Miami's Miami and the Jersey Shore's the Jersey Shore. I think that moving to Miami is kind of weak, but it should be interesting either way."

But there are of course many who were excited to see their favorite guidos and guidettes expand their horizons. "I actually think it's more interesting they went to Miami, just because the Jersey Shore can get old, it's the same people, same places," Vincent Tuths said. "I mean Miami is one of the biggest party places in the U.S."

Many are interested to see how the cast's newfound fame will influence the show. "I love the second season because they got outside the Jersey Shore," Andrew Fortin shared. "I love the fact that they are going down to different spots, but I think it's a little different that they're actually stars now."

Do you think the "Jersey Shore" cast acted differently now that they're in Miami and famous? Share your thoughts in the comments.