'Jersey Shore' Fans React To Angelina's Return At Her Season-Two Premiere Party

'I was so happy that she's back,' pal tells MTV News at Angelina's 'Jersey Shore' viewing party.

Angelina came back to the "Jersey Shore" this season, and drama followed. But her supporters — including her friends, family and fans who showed at the Fushimi Japanese Cuisine & Lounge in Staten Island, New York, where Angelina was holding a premiere viewing party — think that it was the perfect time for their girl to make her return to the show.

"I was so happy that she's back on the show and that she went to Miami and that she had fun," pal Gina Landano told MTV News. "I spoke to her every once in awhile while she was there, and she told me she was having fun with all the guys there."

Angelina's mom, Ann Marie Pivarnick, excitedly reacted to her daughter's second season on the hit reality show. "I'm very proud of her, that she went back," she said. "And she was trying her best to get along with the cast."

Another one of her pals, Johnny Donovan, teased what he thinks will happen as season two gets under way. "What I expect to happen this season is a lot of crazy drama, a lot of situations, a lot of fist-pumping down in Jersey," he said. "A lot of crazy, jam-packed action in Miami Beach like you'd never expect."

Drama seemed to be the overarching theme of fan expectations at the party. "I mean, you can tell there's a lot of drama, that's what the show is based on, but it's just exciting to see exactly what goes on there in Miami," Shimon said. "You never know what's going to happen down there."

Heck, Angelina gave some hints as to what fans can expect from her as the season rolls on. "This season you can expect, basically, me to show my emotions more," she said. "I'm trying to show that I have a good side too. I want people out there to know that I do have a sweet side."

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Be there!

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