Will Wiz Khalifa Accept Rick Ross' Offer For A Maybach Music Deal?

Watch what the 'Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010' thinks of inking with the Bawse when he appears on 'RapFix Live' today!

Rick Ross appeared on the debut session of MTV News' "RapFix Live" and during his interview with Sway, the Miami MC revealed some exclusive negotiations he hopes to begin soon.

Ross looked into the camera and sent a message to this week's guest, the 2010 Hottest Breakthrough MC, Wiz Khalifa. The Teflon Don superstar wants Wiz to join him on his roster.

"You know, Wiz, what's happening, this is the Boss, Ricky Ross, Teflon Don," the rapper said last Friday. "You know we spoke of this in the last week or two, but my question is even more personal that I'd love to ask you right now. What would it take for us to close the deal, Wiz Khalifa and Maybach Music?

"I feel like the homie is a superstar," Ross continued. "We discussed this last week. He's most definitely loyal to his team. But like I told him, there's always more to get."

Wiz hadn't responded as of press time, but he's expected to deliver a comment when he appears on "RapFix Live" on Friday (July 30). The two rappers met recently and collaborated on the remix of Ross' hit "Super High" along with Curren$y. The trio's chemistry was evident on the track and the Pittsburgh rapper commended the Miami star for reaching out to upstarts like himself and Curren$y.

"That was a blessing, dude," Wiz told Mixtape Daily about the collaboration.

"Ross just kept it G, dawg. He seen my movement, he seen Curren$y's movement. He recognized what we do together, but he recognized us as individuals as well as a team. He reached out in a real way. Spiff [TV] called us. I think he reached out to Spitta first. Then Spiff, he reached out to me. I was still on another leg of my tour. So as soon as I got done with the last leg of my tour, soon as I got home, I went straight to the studio and knocked out the verse, sent it to Ross. He was like, 'I love it. I'm flying you out next week. We doing the video.' "

Don't miss Wiz Khalifa on "RapFix Live" on MTV.com, Friday at 1 p.m. ET!