Ellen DeGeneres 'Knew 'American Idol' Was Not The Right Fit,' Perez Hilton Says

'She wisely extricated herself from the show,' celebrity blogger tells MTV News.

Barely an hour after news broke that Ellen DeGeneres will be leaving "American Idol", after just one season at the judges' table, someone who has long been saying he'd be a great judge on the show -- Perez Hilton -- shared his thoughts on the matter with MTV News.

"Ellen DeGeneres is a very funny lady and also extremely smart. She knew -- and the audience knew #8212; that 'Idol' was not the right fit for her, so she wisely extricated herself from the show," Hilton told MTV News in an e-mail. "Idol is in an extremely precarious situation right now, with viewer excitement at incredibly low levels and a judges panel that is missing Simon Cowell and someone to get people talking."

Hilton has never been shy to voice his opinion in the past on his blog and in the media and he added that it wouldn't change if he were asked to join the show, even suggesting that Jessica Simpson, who has been rumored to join the show as a judge, would work perfectly with him.

"Obviously I think I'd be great in that role," he said. "Plus, if they hire Jessica Simpson too, there'd definitely be lots of fireworks between us! She'd be my Paula!"

Hilton's comments echoed DeGeneres' statement posted on her website late Thursday (July 27). In which DeGeneres revealed that she broke the news to "Idol" producers months ago, writing "this didn't feel like the right fit for me."

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