Alice In Chains, Mastodon Talk BlackDiamondSkye Tour, The 'Almond Joy' Of Hard Rock

'You get three great flavors on one tour,' Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell jokes.

When it was first announced back in April, the BlackDiamondSkye Tour — which brings together three titans of hard rock: [artist id="966"]Alice in Chains[/artist], [artist id="605"]Deftones[/artist] and [artist id="1228325"]Mastodon[/artist] — instantly became a must-see show of the fall. But now, with something like two months until the first date, it's starting take on another mantle too: It may very well be the most delicious tour in recent memory.

"You've got three bands that are pretty distinct, you know, and pretty unique in their own way, and who have worked really hard at throwing out some music. And we're gonna throw it all out together," Alice in Chains mastermind Jerry Cantrell told MTV News. "It's better than a Reese's. You know, Reese's, you get two great tastes together ... we're kind of like an Almond Joy. You get almonds, chocolate and coconut, so you get three great flavors on one tour."

"It's interesting you say that," Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor joked. "Because we are currently seeking sponsorship for the tour, and I think Almond Joy would be a great one."

Someone should get the folks from Hershey's on the phone, stat. And while the guys are joking, they do make a rather important point: BlackDiamondSkye may very well be the, uh, sweetest tour to come down the pike in a long time, at least for fans of hard rock. Three heavyweight acts with three really excellent back catalogs to draw from, all sharing one stage. It'll be epic, for sure ... as long as the fans of each band can co-exist.

"I don't think that's gonna be a problem," Cantrell smiled. "We all have a fanbase that's been loyal to the band, and I think that as much as we're all unique as groups, I think we have a lot of overlap too. We're all about good music — not just creating it, but being a fan of it, too — so, for me, I'm excited to finally see each of these bands play a full set. It's gonna be cool to check these guys out."

"And get in the pit too. That'll be great," Dailor cracked. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going in there. I got my leather pants, and I don't need a shirt, so I'm ready."

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