Chace Crawford Says New 'Gossip Girl' Love Interest Is 'Conniving'

'She's obviously a raging, conniving mean girl,' Crawford, who plays Nate, says of Katie Cassidy's season-four character.

Nate Archibald is about to find love on the next season of "Gossip Girl." And he's finding it with former "Melrose Place" star Katie Cassidy, who'll join the show this season to bring a little spice to Nate's love life. And according to Chace Crawford, who plays Nate, his new leading lady is a bit spicy offscreen too.

"Katie's great! I know Katie, so she just got in [and] she just started like three weeks ago and I think 10 or 12 episodes she's here for," Crawford told MTV News on Wednesday at the New York City premiere of his gritty drama "Twelve."

"She's obviously a raging, conniving mean girl at the end of it. She sort of does her thing," he added about Cassidy's story line. "They can't be straight-up but she's fun, her character."

Not only are fans excited to see Nate get some action this season, but they're also looking forward to seeing what kind of international antics the "Gossip Girl" crew gets into during their trip to Paris. Unfortunately for Nate (and Crawford for that matter) he didn't get to join in on the fun.

"I didn't get to go to Paris! I don't know [why]!" he said. "The girls are shoving each other around in fountains and [the rest of us] shoot in New York City, just all small- town New York City."

So, was Crawford a little jealous that Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass got to go to France? Well, he thinks Bass kind of deserved it after what he endured in the last season finale. "Of course he did! He got shot [on camera last season] and so he had a cane and the whole thing. Maybe they'll send us to Costa Rica," he said. "We'll see!"

MTV News recently caught up with Leighton Meester, who gave us a few more details about Crawford and Cassidy's onscreen romance, teasing that she might not be exactly who she seems.

"I think she's coming on the show, maybe, to cause a little bit of trouble," Meester said. "She might not say it, but I will. I think she's very much capable of that, at least in the show. I think [Nate's] a total playboy and needs to be single and I think [Katie's character] is a bad girl, so maybe they are good for each other, actually."

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