'Scream 4' Stars Rory Culkin, Nico Tortorella On Working With Original 'Scream' Cast

Plus, Tortorella reveals onscreen romance with Emma Roberts' 'Scream 4' character.

It almost seems like when they were casting "Scream 4," they stole from the credits for the Joel Schumacher-directed gritty drug drama "Twelve." Three of the film's castmates, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin and Nico Tortorella, will all have roles in the upcoming sequel in the "Scream" franchise. While Roberts couldn't make it to the premiere due to her "Scream 4" shooting schedule, MTV News did get some dish from Culkin and Tortorella.

"We're still shooting it. Not really allowed to talk about it. I signed a contract, seriously. I can't say anything and I'd hate to get sued," Culkin told MTV News at the New York City premiere of "Twelve." "I better keep quiet on this!"

"I was [a fan of the original]. I was the ghost-faced killer for Halloween in the third or fourth grade," he added. "Am I the killer this time around? ... I am under contract."

While Culkin decided to keep mum, his "Twelve" and "Scream 4" co-star dished a bit more, revealing that he and Roberts may get busy. "My name is Trevor, and Emma and I have a love interest throughout the whole movie, and I can't really give you too much more," Tortorella said, adding that being on-set with some of the original cast is very exciting. "I can't give you any information past that."

"Yeah, Courteney's there, Neve's there, David's there. You know, it's really like walking into a family, and they're just all accepting us with mad open arms," he explained. "They're all incredible people. It's been quite the trip. I had never seen the originals until after I auditioned for the first time. ... After watching them all, yeah, it's one of its own."

Other key players in the star-studded cast include Hayden Panettiere, who recently shared some details about the movie, Adam Brody, Anthony Anderson and Marley Shelton.

"Scream 4" is scheduled to open April 15, 2011.

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