James Cameron And Guillermo Del Toro To Collaborate On 3-D 'Mountains Of Madness'

Cameron will produce del Toro's adaptation of story of explorers who encounter alien creatures in Antarctica.

When we caught up with Guillermo del Toro at Comic-Con over the weekend, he was impressively tight-lipped about his new project following his departure from "The Hobbit" in May. The Mexican-born director has long had a desire to adapt H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" for the big screen, but he declined to announce plans to direct the project at the Con.

Now Deadline.com has the news that del Toro will in fact helm "Mountains of Madness," that James Cameron has come on-board as a producer and that they'll shoot the film with 3-D cameras. Cameron's presence on the project apparently convinced Universal to give del Toro a thumbs-up, and preproduction is expected to begin in the next few weeks, with an eye on a summer 2011 shoot.

Lovecraft's story follows a group of explorers who set off for Antarctica and discover alien creatures, mythical cities and a host of bizarre dangers. While del Toro wouldn't confirm his plans to direct at Comic-Con, he did go into detail about his work on the script with Matthew Robbins ("Mimic").

"We are rewriting slightly the screenplay we've had for 12 years," he told MTV News. "Matthew and I believe that a screenplay like that you have to tackle again every so often. We tackled it last about two years ago, [when] Matt and I felt like we needed to rewrite some stuff. Matt is my greatest writing partner because we keep updating anything we haven't shot, we keep saying, 'Let's do another rewrite.' So we're going to do another rewrite in the next couple months.'

"There [are] movies that have come out that have done things that are similar to some of the stuff we were trying," he further explained. "Thirteen years ago it was a big challenge, but right now what we're doing is keeping it alive."

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