Chris Hemsworth Talks Bloody Battle Between Thor And Loki

'Consciously I didn't mean it,' actor says of injuring co-star Tom Hiddleston.

Does Thor fight Loki? "Thor" and future "Avengers" star Chris Hemsworth dropped a lot of headline-worthy news on us when he stopped by MTV's Comic-Con live stream last weekend. He talked about landing the role of the God of Thunder, how he felt naked without his famous hammer and how Mike Tyson inspired his fighting style for the film.

With regard to that extensive training, one big question on fans' minds is: Will Thor and his ever-envious adopted brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, come to blows in the film? Hemsworth spoke to that issue, and the short answer is "yes." But the long answer includes Hemsworth's playful retelling of shooting one of Thor and Loki's pivotal action scenes.

"We did [come to blows] actually," Hemsworth told MTV News. "It's funny, we had this big rehearsal process of this one particular fight scene we were doing, and the whole time Tom has his staff and he has his Loki helmet on with the horns — he wanted to wear it in rehearsal so he knew how to move.

"Basically he's sweating and he can't hear anything, the thing is extraordinarily heavy, he had this kind of crazy look in his eye, and the whole time I'm like, 'He's going to kill me, poke my eye out,' " Hemsworth continued. "He's swinging the staff and catching me in the leg and fingers, [I'm thinking,] 'What's going on?' I kept thinking, 'He's going to hurt someone.' "

Hemsworth then revealed that with all his anxiety about getting injured by Hiddleston, when it came time to shoot the big scene, the roles were reversed.

"The day we shoot the scene, I ended up elbowing him in the nose," Hemsworth admitted sheepishly. "And [there were] rivers of blood on the set — by accident. Subconsciously, maybe it was on purpose, but consciously I didn't mean it," he swore.

Hopefully we'll hear Hiddleston's side to that story soon.

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