Lindsay Lohan Eating Twizzlers, 'Creating Art' In Jail

'She looks gorgeous,' attorney says of Lohan's condition behind bars.

Lindsay Lohan has found some ways to bide her time while serving her jail sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. And she's even found a snack that's helping her cope with her time in jail.

"She's good," her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, told after she visited Lohan in jail on Wednesday. "She's eating some Twizzlers."

With her time in jail almost over, Lohan will likely be released Sunday or Monday, only serving part of her 90-day sentence before heading off to court-appointed rehab for another 90 days. Holley said that Lohan has been using the time to explore her artistic side.

"She looks gorgeous. ... She's writing a lot. She's creating art," Holley said. "She's a beautiful, talented, creative woman, and she's going to come out and surprise you all!"

Holley's comments mirrors a report last week noting that Lohan was working on music while behind bars. "Lindsay is going to spend her time in jail writing new songs that she will record the second she gets out," a source said. "Her emotions are so raw at the moment the material will be her best ever. It will definitely get nominated for a Grammy."

A number of celebrities have come out to support Lohan since her incarceration, including "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt and rapper Foxy Brown.

"My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan. I watched her being taken to jail and it brought back tears and memories. It wasn't all negative, I have to say that," Brown told MTV News earlier this week. "People just automatically think that prison stereotypically is the worst place. I was unlawfully sent to prison for a year, but I kind of welcomed the serenity when I was sentenced and I knew I had to deal with this."