'Twilight' Actor Edi Gathegi Cast In 'X-Men: First Class'

Gathegi set to play 'X-Men's' first biracial mutant, Darwin.

"Twilight Saga: New Moon" actor Edi Gathegi has found his next role in another fanatically loved franchise. Gathegi will play Darwin in the upcoming "X-Men: First Class," Deadline Hollywood reports.

Darwin is the first biracial mutant in the comic series, and he has the power of "reactive evolution," meaning that his body can adapt to any situation. For instance, his skin can become flame retardant in a fire, he can grow gills when submerged in water or he can see in the dark.

"First Class" is to center on the early years of the mutants made famous by the Marvel comic series. James McAvoy will star as a young Charles Xavier, better known by his superhero name, Professor X. "Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn is to helm the film, which has been given a June 3, 2011, release date. Production is expected to begin this summer, with "X-Men" and "X2: X-Men United" director Bryan Singer producing, alongside Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg.

But "First Class" won't reunite Gathegi with "Twilight" co-star Taylor Lautner, despite earlier rumors. Lautner, who was said to be in talks to play a young Wolverine, was attached to the project for quite some time, but later decided to pass.

And it's not just "Twilight" junkies who are sad that Lautner's out. "I wanted Taylor to do it, I really did," Singer said. "He's doing a movie in Pittsburgh called 'Abduction,' and then he's got the next 'Twilight' movie. We talked about it a lot, he is a friend, and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn't look like it's possible to do it."

Singer did, however, confirm some other big names for the film. "Kevin Bacon I do believe is going to happen," he said, noting that he'd likely become the central villain. "James McAvoy is definitely cast as a young Charles Xavier, Mike Fassbender is in the movie, Nick Hoult. Those are for sure."

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