Selena Gomez Reschedules Show Due To Strained Vocal Cords

Singer is on vocal rest for one week, officials say.

It seems that the ailment affecting Selena Gomez's voice on Monday night when she stopped by "Lopez Tonight" is still plaguing the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star. The singer/actress has rescheduled her performance at the Ohio State Fair on Thursday.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, fair officials released a statement saying that the singer is suffering from strained vocal cords and "has been ordered by her physician to rest her voice and not travel for a week." Gomez has rescheduled the show and will honor tickets on November  6 at the Celeste Center at the Ohio Expo Center.

MTV News reached out to Gomez's rep to get an update on the status of her upcoming shows, which includes one Wednesday night (July 28) in Delaware, as well as shows on July 31 (in New York) and August 1 (in Connecticut), but had not received word at press time.

Gomez has been tweeting about her condition. She wrote, "This sucks ... My throat is sick. I'm not, my throat is. Ugh." She then later added, "Used my laptop to type at dinner since I can't talk ... That was interesting."

She used a similar method on "Lopez Tonight" earlier this week when she spoke using a Dynavox voice-enhancing machine. However, she was able to maintain good spirits about it, joking, "I'm sorry. I'm so upset, but at least it's funny, right?"

In the same interview with George Lopez, Gomez talked about her friendship with fellow teen star Justin Bieber. "I love him. He's like my little brother. I like to say his name onstage because if I'm performing badly, I say his name and the audience will cheer," she joked, adding that at one show he asked her to take off her heels to make up for the height difference, but she wouldn't comply. "[I told him] 'No, I'm not going to take off my heels. You're short, embrace it.' He's getting taller, though."

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