Who Should Replace Simon Cowell On 'American Idol'? Fans Weigh In

'Maybe a couple younger artists should judge the young artists coming out now,' one fan says.

Ever since Simon Cowell's departure from "American Idol" was announced last season, fans and media outlets alike have been atwitter with sadness, surprise and speculation as to who will fill the no-nonsense Englishman's shoes. Although rumored replacements Justin Timberlake and Elton John have been ruled out, MTV News took to the streets of New York to find out who fans have pegged for Cowell's job.

"I think it has to be someone musical but also a comedian," one female fan said. "Justin Timberlake has a good sense of humor. He knows what makes a successful musician so I think he would be able to help people get to the highest point that they can."

One fan enthusiastically plugged for a young singer to be cast as a judge. "Maybe a couple younger artists should judge the young artists coming out now."

And what if "Idol" execs decided to clean slate and start with three new judges altogether?

"You [would] have a completely new show that's not even 'American Idol' anymore," one fan lamented. "As much as it is about the contestants, it's about the judges as well."

"Everyone is used to having those three judges on, or the main three judges, and having guest judges on every once in awhile," another young man pointed out. "I think it might take away from the audience connection to the show."

One fan offered a more definitive last word: "I don't think the show would be the same with three new judges. It wouldn't work," he said. "I wouldn't watch it."

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