How Well Does Travie McCoy Know Billionaires? Find Out Here!

Gym Class Heroes frontman doesn't just sing about billionaires, he knows many of them too ...

At this point, [artist id="3574923"]Travie McCoy[/artist] knows a thing or two about billionaires. He knows he'd like to be one — so freakin' bad. Or at least, so goes the hook of his summertime smash "Billionaire," the song that's catapulted him to the brink of surprise superstardom.

So, on the same day we caught up with him to talk about his plans for the follow-up to "Billionaire" (a much darker song called "Need You," we decided to test his knowledge of the very (very) rich, with a little game called "The Billionaire Quiz Show."

We chose six of Forbes magazine's wealthiest individuals — we're talking the mega-multibillionaires of the world — and asked him to tell us not only who they are, but how they made their money, too.

And despite the premise behind "Billionaire" — basically that McCoy will never be one, so the best he can do is dream about what he'd do if he was — it turns out that he's pretty well versed in the ways of the fabulously wealthy, nailing 50 percent of his picks. Or at least something close to that.

So the next time "Billionaire" comes on at the club, you can feel good about grooving to it ... after all, it comes from a dude who knows his Jorge Paulo Lemanns from his Carlos Slim Helús.

But why are you still reading this? Check out the video version of Travie's masterful performance on "The Billionaire Quiz Show" right now!