Blake Lively Wants Scarlett Johansson To Teach Her To Fight

'She's Black Widow! She was terrific!' 'Green Lantern' star says of 'Iron Man 2' star/ Ryan Reynolds' wife.

Blake Lively has the pleasure of playing Ryan Reynolds' love interest in "Green Lantern." And while right now her character, Carol Ferris, is quite sweet, eventually she'll turn sour and end up being a villain in the franchise. So, does the "Gossip Girl" star feel comfortable embracing her inner bad girl for the role?

"Oh my gosh! I would love to, to get to beat [Ryan Reynolds] up! Best day ever!" she laughed to MTV News at Comic-Con in San Diego. She even has the perfect woman in mind to train her to eventually "beat up" Reynolds, namely his wife and fellow action star Scarlett Johansson.

"Oh, I think she would beat him up too! She's Black Widow!" she said. "She was terrific! She's got to teach me how to fight!"

Lively said that even though the pair become love interests before they become enemies, their constant rivalry adds to her character's relationship with Reynolds' Hal Jordan. "She's [Jordan's] boss and she's also a fighter pilot," Lively said. "She's only second to him. They're the [top] two pilots in the world. So she's also his rival, and so it creates a really interesting dynamic and a cool tension."

Fans will get to see Lively leave the comforts of the Upper East Side in Manhattan for otherworldly places in the flick. "That's what's so nice about it," she said. "Superhero movies, [you're] either in a specific city on planet Earth or in space. But the fact that you get to go back and forth [in 'Green Lantern'] is a unique thing that you haven't seen in many movies."

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