Wiz Khalifa Fans Celebrate His 'Hottest Breakthrough MC' Win

'Dude's been on his grind heavy since '05, droppin' mixtape after mixtape,' says one happy supporter.

When Wiz Khalifa won MTV News' "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" contest, the victory was fueled by tons of love from his fans.

The Pittsburgh rapper's army of fans — the Taylor Gang — not only voted in such numbers that Wiz's tally nearly doubled that of runner-up Nicki Minaj, they also took to the message boards to argue for the inevitability of the nod. "Listen to Wiz, he's lyrical ... smooth ... fluent," wrote MTV.com commenter Mike. "Def the most talented rappin' against the competition."

Another fan said Wiz was finally getting the props he deserves. "All you people sayin' Wiz ain't [deserving] never heard Prince of the City 2," Vinnie wrote. "It ain't like Wiz just came outta nowhere. Dude's been on his grind heavy since '05 droppin' mixtape after mixtape. With all the noise he's making, you can't refuse to hear. About time we got a quality rapper from Pittsburgh, 412 all day, city of champions."

Even those readers who voted for other candidates gave respect to Wiz on his win. "Can I say I'm shocked?" CoolestBookworm22 wrote. "I expected Nicki Minaj to win because it's safe to say she has the largest fan base. I think J. Cole should have won, but it is what it is. Congrats Wiz."

Added Derrell, "Just my opinion, J Cole, Wiz, and Curren$y all will shine. All 3 are so different!"

Others weren't able to take the outcome. "J. Cole got snubbed," G-One wrote.

Wiz beat out 19 other candidates in the "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" poll, which was decided by you, the MTVNews.com readers. The Kush & Orange Juice MC won a tough competition, beating fellow top-five finalists Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Travis Porter and Diggy Simmons. Wiz's victory was even more impressive because Nicki Minaj and J. Cole have heavyweight co-signs from Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, respectively.

Wiz himself was humble about victory, telling MTV News, "It's like a friendly competition. It's not competing like I'm going against [the others], but it's like we're all in the same thing. To be mentioned in the same thing as them and then to have my fans come through and just push it over — it's cool!"

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