Captain America Remains 'Little Steve Through And Through,' Chris Evans Says

'I think you want the audience ... to look at him and see the little guy,' actor says of his character in 'Captain America: The First Avenger.'

In "Captain America: The First Avenger," not only will Steve Rogers' suit and shield go through a few transformations, the man behind Captain America will have to transform from scrappy wannabe soldier to full-fledged action hero. And the movie's star, Chris Evans, says that the studio has figured out the perfect way to do it, using technology to shrink him down to play the smaller than Captain America-sized Steve.

"They got some great stuff going on right now. Initially they were going to do all body replacement — hire another actor completely and have this skinny body do the scene and do face replacement," Evans told MTV News at Comic-Con in San Diego. "But I guess the first couple tests weren't what they were hoping it would be, and then they decided to go with just shrinking me down. They did a couple tests. It looks fantastic and it's really going to be a big transition."

While Evans will eventually end up playing a beefier hero by the film's end, he hopes that when fans watch the flick, they still can relate to the skinny young man Captain America once was. "It's absolutely one character," he explained. "I think he's little Steve through and through, even after he goes through the transformation. I think you want the audience, even in the final frame of the film, to look at him and see the little guy.

"That's what I think is endearing," he added. "That's why I think it's great, it's an origin story. You get to understand how he has come to appreciate the gift he's been given."

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