Seth Rogen 'Might Direct' 'Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse'

The 'Green Hornet' star tells MTV News at Comic-Con that he and co-writer are at work on script for adaptation of 2007 short.

SAN DIEGO — While fans are excited that a big-screen adaptation of "Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse" is on the way, it's still unclear exactly when the full-length flick — based on the hilarious 2007 short starring Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel — will actually hit theaters.

When we caught up with him at San Diego Comic-Con, Rogen explained that it can take "years" to get a movie like "Jay and Seth" off the ground — if it's going to be good. But according to the "Green Hornet" star, he's hard at work on a script.

"Me and Evan [Goldberg] are writing it right now, actually, and it's come a long way and it will probably be one of the next movies that we make, I would imagine," Rogen revealed MTV News. "And I think me and Evan might direct it, which is a pretty big step for us."

So a production date might not be far off?

"It takes years to write a good movie, that's what we've learned," Rogen said. "We're finally going to script form. Once you're there, you're kind of on the homestretch; it means you have the key ideas to build the movie," he continued. "It's a movie about a group dynamic. We've been watching movies like 'The Mist' and stuff like that to try to make a 'Tremors.' We're kind of trying to go into the horror/comedy genre a little bit."

Fans got a taste of what to expect from the film when a 60-second trailer hit the Net, and Rogen said he saw nothing odd about dropping a trailer for a movie he hasn't filmed, let alone written a script for yet. "It's a great lesson in filmmaking, honestly, that we made the trailer for the movie, and now we're getting to make the movie, which is really great," he said.

Earlier this year, co-star Baruchel teased to MTV News some special cameos.

He explained, "It'll be what you see in the trailer and then some. It's going to be a pretty offensive vision of the apocalypse, and I want a lot of dead-celebrity cameos. Because L.A. is full of famous people, I'd like all of the cameos to be them as corpses."

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